Edwin W. Parkhurst, Jr., FAAHC, CHE - Principal

Mr. Parkhurst has served the healthcare industry since 1965. He organized PRISM after twenty-two successful years with Herman Smith Associates, which became Coopers & Lybrand division in 1988. Mr. Parkhurst was a partner with Herman Smith Associates (1975-1988) and Coopers & Lybrand (1988-1993), and is one of PRISM's founders. His experience includes strategic planning, governance and management, operations improvement, facility and program planning, and master site development. He has advised more than 280 clients in 34 states, worked with many clients on a continuous basis for over 25 years, and has developed more than $3 billion of health facilities construction. He also has significant experience in working with International clients.

He is a Fellow of the AAHC and is board-certified (credentialed) in the practice areas of Strategic Planning and Marketing, Facilities Programming and Planning, Governance and Organization, Operations and Management, and Finance. He speaks to industry and professional groups on leading healthcare issues. He is a frequent speaker at American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) educational seminars. He has a strong relationship with the University of Chicago Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy. With his depth of knowledge, consulting skills and years in the profession, Mr. Parkhurst is one of the most respected and experienced healthcare consultants in the United States.

E-mail: eparkhurst@consultprism.com


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