PRISM has the resources to meet the challenge of each unique consulting engagement.  Knowledgeable PRISM consultants provide skilled advisory services, supported by an experienced staff with strong research backgrounds, a proprietary resource library and database, and wide access to information resources.

PRISM's consulting engagements are supported by MEDCO, the firm's healthcare operational division; while an affiliate company, Clinical Benchmarking, LLC, can provide best practices information to enhance each client's clinical performance and reduce costs.

PRISM consultants assist healthcare executives and senior management to make thoughtful decisions intended to benefit the organization both in the near-term and in the future. The considerable experience of the firm's consulting staff is brought to bear on challenging problems ranging from planning effective board retreats, to bringing a new hospital campus from initial idea to fruition. Many of PRISM's consultants are AAHC-credentialed in specific practice areas.

PRISM's national consulting practice includes a wide variety of functional planning areas. Within this broad category are a range of specific consulting programs and tasks.

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